“Me? Me?” he [Uncle Andrew] exclaimed. “The boy must be mad!   …To risk the shock and the dangers of being flung suddenly into a different universe? I never heard anything so preposterous in my life! Do you realize what you’re saying? Think what Another World means — you might meet anything — anything.”
C.S. Lewis, The Magician’s Nephew

In 2013, four friends came together for a writing group. We had grand aspirations as we talked about the novels we wanted to publish, the essays we wanted to post, and the stories we wanted to tell.

And stories we told, though perhaps not as many as we had originally imagined. Also, as the weeks we had been meeting turned into months, and the months turned into years, the medium of those stories changed. We would have sessions of writing group where there wasn’t any writing at all, times during which we discussed politics, theology, and superheroes. The original purpose of our writing group was to have a place to write and share what we had written. We quickly discovered that, along the way, we also shared life, and the joys and frustrations it contains.

This literary blog is the next step of this group, what we’ve come to recognize as a natural extension of it. For a group that has a lot in common (all of us grew up in American Christian homes, went to Eastern University, and now attend churches with strong liturgical traditions), our interests are extremely wide ranging. What brings us together is a love of sharing all our interests and passions with each other, and taking our ideas and stories that may be a little incoherent and refining them in the fires of friendship.

We invite you now to join us.  We hope our stories, like the green and yellow rings from Lewis’ famous book quoted above, take you out of your world and into the realms of our imaginations. Just be careful. As Uncle Andrew exclaims when asked to go to Another World, you might meet anything.

Each month (or around every four weeks) is dedicated to a different word.   Each word represents the broad theme that will inspire our literature for that month, words diverse enough to encompass our wide ranging interests.  New entries pertaining to the word of the month are posted every Wednesday, though unrelated stories and essays will be posted periodically as well.

The theme for April is hope.

Past themes:
March 2017: sacrifice
February 2017: power