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Rise of Reuben – Available Now!

Rise of Reuben is now available in both kindle and paperback! This humorous fantasy adventure novel is for all ages and is the first published through Words Between the Worlds.Get Rise of Reuben

Rise of Reuben Book Cover

I am Reuben…

I am the one who spent his days chatting and hanging out with the Clouds at the Lone Mountain.

I am the one who promised to rescue a winged maiden who was fleeing an order for an execution.

I am the one who entered the Merman Kingdom and uncovered the truth about the Legendary Quadri-Tentacled Giant Languid Trout.

I am the one who discovered the last entrance to an ancient civilization.

I am the one who attempted to break out a king from the Models’ high security prison.

I am the one who brought everyone together whether they liked it or not.

I am Reuben…

…And I am the one you can                                                                        blame for most of what happened.

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Written by Joshua Hall

Josh enjoys writing stories, designing games, and hitting a fuzzy yellow ball with a racquet. He migrates between Philadelphia and Tampa, and is often seen hanging out with middle schoolers for the sake of youth ministry.

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