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The Huntress

The Huntress

The huntress becomes the hunted
Fleeing across a lonely plain in a moonlit night.
For so long the hunter relentlessly pursued her prey,
She searched in plains, forests, in hills
At the root and the roof of the world
Desperately and mercilessly seeking her answers,
her security, her loves, her fears, her dreams.

But when you found them, you couldn’t help yourself
You knelt down to worship wood and stone and flesh and air and a lie.
These dead things became idols and took on a semblance of life.
And then they became demons.
And they chased you back across the whole breadth and depth of the world,
Until the Sun arises and the daystar dawns in your heart.

Only the light of the Sun will save you now–
Will pierce through lies and air and flesh and wood and stone–
To turn these crazed creatures back into the small things they once were.
They look so small in daylight–and indeed they are small
For only in light do we see light.

So, don’t go hunting in the dark.
Artemis, give up your bow and learn to fight, not hunt, in the light of day.

Written by Seretha Curry

At the age of 17, Seretha wrote a rough draft of a science-fiction/fantasy epic during summer break. It was a measly 1000 pages long. Since this grand eruption of activity, she has earned a Master's of Divinity, delved into the depths of physics and personal psychology, and read tomes of Aristotle faster than a normal person reads “Go Dog Go.” When not slaying irrational thought and sentimentality with her sharp wit and cool logic, she stays current on the latest developments in physics. Her passions intertwine and unfold on the page, tamed and refined by the pursuit of the presence of God.

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